Qualify for utility discount programs with CUIC.

California utility companies offer far more discount programs than you may be aware of. Finding them is the first step to lowering your bills.

Do you have a large family?

Large families can receive a discount of
10%-30% on there electric bills.

Do your bills fluctuate?

Multiple programs can make your electric bills
the same amount every month.

Arriving home after 8pm?

Did you know that families who use less power between sunset and 8pm can save extra money on their bills?

Chances are we’ll lower your utility bill on the first try.

A CUIC consultant is familiar with all of the available programs, and most people will fit one of them.

Utility Net Energy Metering Program.

Utilities in California have been mandated by the State of California to offer a program that works with homes that generate their own power. Solar and windmills are the most common equipment used with this program, so a free CUIC consultation can be time-well-spent if your home qualifies for this utility program.

Griff W.

Palmdale CA

Emily was amazing! My husband and I have had solar on our home, we had to assume an existing lease when we bought our home. Neither of us understood a thing about solar, and couldn't understand why our bills were through the roof! Emily met with us and patiently explained exactly what was wrong! Our home didn't have enough panels to meet our energy needs. With some add on's, our Electric bill will decrease by about 40%, and both of us are on fixed income, and my husband being 100% disabled, what a blessing she has been. Totally up front and completely honest and straight forward. She is knowledgable, and was able to answer every question to our satisfaction. Emily comes very highly recommended!

Juan P.

Lancaster CA

My experience with CUIC was fantastic. They were are very professional and knowledgeable in their field, and were able to answer all my questions to my satisfaction. Being someone who is normally skeptical of these kind of offers/programs I can honestly say that they were not selling any smoke at all. I would really recommend them to people who have questions regarding the solar industry and who would like to know more about it.

Andrea U.

Anaheim CA

I am very pleased with this Company.They answered all of my questions.I felt they where happy to answer them.They provided very good customer service.They are very professional,friendly,and easy to talk to.Thank you Emily, Kevin, Jimmy.

Gary S.

Riverside Ca

n the world of solar there is so much nonsense. I have no idea why other reviews are negative when my experience has been absolutely tip top. From the minute we met with Eric to every interaction with management all the way through install, customer service was excellent. They covered the entire cost of the system with no down payment from us. It's been seven months and our Edison bill is zero month after month. Meanwhile the solar system is about half what we were paying. I waited this long to post my review because I wanted to make sure it isn't just too good to be true. I verified everything and it has checked out. Huge savings and now I am seeing my credits stack up with Edison. It'll be nice to get a check FROM them for a change! Thank you CUIC for a job very well done!! Special credit to Eric, Matt and Manager Mike for dealing with all my questions and holding our hands through the process.

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