Qualify for utility discount programs with CUIC.

California utility companies offer far more discount programs than you may be aware of. Finding them is the first step to lowering your bills.

Do you have a large family?

Large families can receive a discount of
10%-30% on there electric bills.

Do your bills fluctuate?

Multiple programs can make your electric bills
the same amount every month.

Arriving home after 8pm?

Did you know that families who use less power between sunset and 8pm can save extra money on their bills?

Chances are we’ll lower your utility bill on the first try.

A CUIC consultant is familiar with all of the available programs, and most people will fit one of them.

Utility Net Energy Metering Program.

Utilities in California have been mandated by the State of California to offer a program that works with homes that generate their own power. Solar and windmills are the most common equipment used with this program, so a free CUIC consultation can be time-well-spent if your home qualifies for this utility program.


Inglewood ca

was skeptical at first when the CUIC consultant, Kevin, told me that he could try to save me money on my electric bill, but the more he explained, the more I understood that he knew what he was talking about. He not only reduced my energy bill, he also reduced it on 2 other homes I own. It cost me nothing and I have saved money. I’d recommend Kevin to everyone.

Dr. Mary Lands, M.D.

Newport Beach ca

About 2 weeks ago I had a knock on my door from a wonderful man by the name of Steve Leverett who works for Mike Weber out of the San Bernardino CUIC office. Steve explained that he was a consultant with CUIC and came right out and said up front after we introduced each other I'm here to save you money! I found myself not knowing what to say except I just smiled it was a breath of fresh air for the first time a man and less than an hour explain to me how myself and my husband could put solar energy on almost all of our houses and properties at little or no cost to us with so many benefits and so much savings it was unbelievable!

Ed M.

Redlands CA

My name is, Ed. I spoke with Eric Estrada originally to make an appointment to discuss solar with his company, CUIC. Eric and Mike were very professional when at my home in Redlands. They did everything they said they were going to do and my home now has solar on it at zero cost to me. They brought my avg bill down over $100 as promised. I would certainly recommend them to my family, and neighbors, or anyone considering getting solar. They are very easy to deal with and kept me informed through the entire process.


Rialto ca

We were paying almost $120 per month on our electricity before we met a CUIC consultant at a booth at the grocery store near our home. She was able to get us on an Edison program and reduce our electric charges to $96 per month and also make it so our rates increased much less each year. Our CUIC consultant was Rosa and we liked her very much.

Where to begin?
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