Solar is a better way to go!

The sun’s energy is free. Using the sun’s energy cuts down on generation and delivery charges on your electric bill. With solar system equipment at an all-time low and energy-users utility bills at an all time high, everyone can save with solar.

Solar can be explained simply.

Rooftop solar systems receive the sun’s energy during the day and turn it into electricity to power the home. If a system produces too much energy, then the extra energy is sent to the utility company and the energy-user is given a credit for it. Then, at night, when the solar system is inactive, the energy-user draws energy from the utility company and pays for it with the credits earned during the day. The only cost to solar is the price and installation of the system. Fortunately, many companies have stepped up and offered to pay for the solar system so long as they get a piece of the savings they generate.

What makes us different from the rest?

With all of the solar companies advertising, figuring out who to trust to design, finance, install, and maintain your solar is a primary question. A CUIC consultant is different from a solar salesperson, who can only offer the programs that their solar company offers. We are independent and know every type of solar program. We also have partnerships with many solar companies. These facts, along with their higher-level training, empower CUIC consultants to be able to find the right solar strategy to fit your unique circumstances and to deliver a positive solar result.

What rate plan are you planning on using with your solar?

Your utility company offers multiple rate plans that you may choose from. The rate plan you plan on using after installing solar directly affects how the solar system should be designed. The design affects your savings. A CUIC consultant is more of an expert in customizing your solar opportunity than any other solar sales representative you’ll find anywhere!

We prepare your roof for solar as well.

Our solar partners do roofing as well. By combining your roofing repairs or upgrades with your solar, some or all of the roofing costs can be absorbed into the project, lowering your costs by thousands.

We give you access to the best solar partners.

CUIC has partnered with the best solar funding, servicing, and installing companies with the latest technology available in the market today. Production guarantees, level pay, no out of pocket costs, tax advantages, low credit qualifying, maintenance, insurance, warranties and all the other program innovations are put on the table of every project. We’ll work with you to build the best solar strategy for your specific needs.

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