Most energy-users have not heard of many utility discount programs.

Most energy-users who begin to work with a CUIC energy consultant are surprised to discover that they qualify for one or more discount more often than not. They are not just for low income users. They cover a range of conditions and a variety of circumstances. It’s definitely worth a look.

Summer Discount Plan

Summer Discount Plan rewards air conditioning users willing to go without up to 12 times a year.

Savings: $50 – 200 / yr

Electric Vehicle Plan

Electric Vehicle Plan lowers the evening rates for users with electric vehicles.

Savings: Varies

Schedule NEM

Schedule NEM gives credits to homeowners using energy producing equipment.  

Savings: Up to 50%

Medical Baseline

Medical Baseline gives more energy in the lowest tier to users requiring medical equipment.

Savings: $25 – $113 / mo

Did you know…

California’s utility companies operate as small monopolies regulated by the State of California. As such, they need permission from the state to set prices and are often required to offer discounts and benefits to their energy-users under various programs. Since electric bills fund these programs, energy-users pay for them whether they are benefitting from them or not. If you can benefit from one or more, you definitely deserve it.

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